Mobile App Development Evolving HealthCare

Mobile App Development Evolving HealthCare

Mobile App Development evolving HealthCare – Mobile technology and healthcare industry go hand in hand. Interactive experience is all that is needed in every industry it makes adaption of mobile technology in healthcare undeniable. From doctors to patients and from diagnosis to communication, mobile apps have proved themselves to be a boon to healthcare industry. Healthcare industry is striving hard to give its best for the health of patients with better solutions.

Advances in HealthCare Apps

Recent advances in healthcare mobile apps are close to a miracle that gives information on patient health and ability to track and monitor health metrics. There is an app where it has the ability to capture a sick patient’s inner ear video that monitors glucose and receives a diagnose plan for the treatment.  There are many other medical apps that are undeniably smarter and multifunctional.

Online Market

As on date, there are more than 100,000 health apps for sale in app market, with more than 4 million free downloads every day. In 2017 the app services are expected to reach $26 billion. Users can download the software on their smart phones and use it to monitor their own health. However, not all medical apps are genuine. Users must be careful in downloading the legitimate healthcare apps. Health care mobile app is expected to grow more than $20 billion by 2018. By this we understand that healthcare apps are on high surge in the coming years and more innovative things are added to alter the users experience in a better way.

Improved Care and Convenience

A survey on healthcare analytics found that a third of healthcare organizations allow patients to access healthcare information via their mobile devices. Due to this rapid rise in mobile technology, software developers and engineers have been creating new and useful mobile health care apps.

Wellness and Medical Apps

Healthcare apps are basically divided into two types. 85 percent are intended for wellness, and are used by consumers and patients. The rest 15 percent are purely medical intended for use by physicians. The famous wellness app categories comprises physical fitness and training, self measurement, self testing (such as calorie counting app or weight tracking app). Wearable technology is another new invents that boosts and adds better prospective in medical apps. Fitness trackers, heart rate monitors are few examples of wearable technology that actually measures the number of steps walked, heart rate, quality of sleep and other metrics. Wearables embedded with sensors are the next level of advancement in healthcare industry.


There are endless possibilities for physicians as well as for patients in the world of mobile technology. Also, a soaring demand for healthcare apps since there are many potential benefits such as healthcare personalization, location based healthcare, mobile healthcare videos to name some that helps both patients and physicians simultaneously. Experts unveil that there are many astonishing smart technology that is coming up in healthcare apps. So, let’s wait and see what’s lined up for HealthCare in 2017.


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